Your mind, body & soul will thank you.

At Live, we embrace the art of yoga by guiding you to find your truth, passion, and highest self. Your first class with us is absolutely FREE. We offer a variety of unique classes. Visit the link below to view our classes and pre-register. 

O U R . S T O R Y 

Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live Yoga.

As of July 1st, 2017 - we kept the name but we have made some major, magical, soulful changes.

Live Yoga has been established in Danielson, CT since December 2013.

In July, Francesca (The Owner) was approached to take over Live by one of her dear friends, Ashley who had now owned Live since January 2017. Francesca couldn’t say no to this offer as Live was her home - where she took her Yoga Teacher Training - where she learned, cried, loved, and grew. July 2017 came and Francesca now proudly owns Live Yoga, LLC. Francesca has an phenomenal team walking along her side that is beyond fantastic and continues to help each student grow. 

Our mission is to provide the community with all the yoga in a safe, loving, nurturing space. A space with no wall mirrors, no gym weights, no loud noises. Just fun, good vibes, great teachers, and amazing practices. We vouch to always keep things fresh, fun, and friendly. Our teachers are UNIQUE and seriously one of kind. 

We offer Power Yoga, Heated Yoga (Seasonally), Restorative, Yin, DIY Workshops, Kidoga (Kid’s Yoga) and so. much. more. Our pricing is always the lowest - and we are always running amazing promotions that the community loves. Yoga should be affordable to all souls of all backgrounds and we feel we make that happen.

We promise you will never regret your trip to Live. Whether you’re one of our regular students or a first timer we will love each of you the same! This is your home - just as much as ours. Come vibe with us. Come move with us. Come LIVE at LIVE. <3

First class here is on us. Yes, it’s FREE. First 30 days? We got you! Only $25!